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Sample Kit Guide

Artistry Epoxy is all about providing you with the best of the best quality products in the industry. This box is packed full of our fan favorites that are sure to have you stepping up your tumbler game and becoming a true artist!

Artistry Tumbler and Art Epoxy

From: $29.95

• Withstands heat up to 500 degrees
• Meets FDA standards
• 90% cure in 3 days
• Full Use in 7 days
• Stunning for artwork and tumblers
• Excellent UV inhibitors
• Self-leveling
• Medium viscosity

Artistry Tumbler / Art Epoxy – Fast Set (Thick Viscosity) 1:1 Formula

From: $49.95

• Dry to the touch in 2 hours
• Excellent for UV for not yellowing
• Super Hard Finish
• 95% cure in 24 hours ( Pet-able/
New layer 45min)
• Full Use in 3 days
• Thick viscosity

COLORFIX 3-in-1 Paint


Get your tumblers painted and glittered in one step with ColorFix Paint!
Brush on a thick coat with a fluffy brush (makeup brushes work best!) and while it’s wet sprinkle on your glitter! Once dry seal your glitter, then move on to your next step!

ColorFlex Glitter Glue


Whether you are doing a full coverage single color, a beautiful ombré, or an intricate design, Glitter Glue will give you the most even, full coverage glitter you desire!
Dries quickly and cleans off brushes with just hot water!

Mattify and Pad


The best formula to get a beautiful matte finish on your tumblers in no time! Use a quarter size amount of Mattify and the white non-abrasive pad over a fully cured tumbler. Scrub with medium pressure in circular motions. Rinse and dry. Repeat as needed. Mattify can also be paired with an abrasive material to prep your stainless steel cups!

Shape tape Tumbler Burst sheets


Double sided adhesive for applying burst designs to tumblers. It’s also paintable and works with foils and mica as well as the glitter.
Place Shape Tape either side down on a light grip cutting mat.
Use custom washi tape setting for cricut, and washi tape for silhouette- a starting point is 1 depth, 15 force, and 5 speed.
Cut you favorite design!

Sticky Situation (Epoxy Hand Soap)


Use a dollop and scrub on hands to remove sticky epoxy, paint, or any other mess!
Smells great and leaves your hands feeling silky soft!

Stir Crazy reusable Mix sticks


Reuse these mix sticks over and over again!
After mixing your epoxy, wipe clean with alcohol and a paper towel and it’s ready for the next use!

Colorflex Glitter

From : $9.95

Colorflex has a wide range of glitter- from micro fine cuts to chunky and tons of custom mixes, your tumblers will be all kinds of sparkly!