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Grab your spot to win this awesome Tumbler Starter Kit ($600 value).

Buy any of the following items to make your spot as a winner. Grab as many downloadable files to ensure more entries. The odds of winning depend on the number of eligible spots attained.

Hurry now, grab your entries below until the time is up!

How to Mix epoxy 600x600 removebg preview

How to Mix Epoxy E-Book (Spot Giveaway)

intro into tumblers removebg preview

Introduction to Tumblers E-Book (Spot Giveaway)

Intro to Wave Kit removebg preview

Introduction to Wave Kit E-Book (Spot Giveaway)

coasters molds and trays removebg preview

Coasters and Mold Trays E-Book (Spot Giveaway)

Intro Into Epoxy removebg preview

Introduction to Epoxy E-Book (Spot Giveaway)

tumbler form 2 01

Tumbler Form (Spot Giveaway)