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Shape Tape - Now Live!

$19.99 $12.95

So far we changed the matte tumbler game, we changed the epoxy fast set game (x2) and here we are back at it again changing the way you apply glitter to a cup! 🙌
Are we the inventors of double-sided adhesive, no?
Did we invent this technique, no?
But have we tweaked and perfected it after several tries and customer feedback, YES!!!

Our Shape Tape is 10in by 13in (6 sheets) long Double Backed sheets of super sticky adhesive to allow you to cut your designs for your favorite burst designs and customize it as you need for each project. That means no cut-offs and less waste! Our Shape Tape has a strong double-sided adhesive that grabs your glitter like none other! This tumbler tape is best for tumblers and to be used for glitters. Use Light grip cutting mat with silhouette or Circuit on washi tape setting, and get to glittering those cups faster than you can say “Shape It, Tape It, Glitter It!”

Shape Tape in Action