Avocado ColorFix Paint – 4oz

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ColorFix paints are quick drying, smooth matte finish with added glitter adhesion. Highly pigmented to be directly applied to tumblers with the ability to add glitter while wet. Apply ColorFix directly to your prepped tumbler. Use as a base color instead of spray paint. Apply glitter directly to the wet paint if desired. 

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Avocado ColorFix Paint - 4oz $13.95 Original price was: $13.95.$4.95Current price is: $4.95.

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All paints have a shelf life; some shorter and some longer. Colorfix paints have a shelf life of about four to six months depending on ambient temperature conditions. Once you have opened the paint, the shelf life may be shorter. Even though the shelf life of the paint you intend to use may have expired, that does not automatically mean that you should discard it. If the paint appears to mix properly and does not show signs of clumping, separation, or anything else unusual, you should still be able to use it.


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