White ColorFix Paint – 4oz

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ColorFix paints are quick drying, smooth matte finish with added glitter adhesion. Highly pigmented to be directly applied to tumblers with the ability to add glitter while wet. Apply ColorFix directly to your prepped tumbler. Use as a base color instead of spray paint. Apply glitter directly to the wet paint if desired. 

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White ColorFix Paint - 4oz $13.95 Original price was: $13.95.$9.95Current price is: $9.95.

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All paints have a shelf life; some shorter and some longer. Colorfix paints have a shelf life of about four to six months depending on ambient temperature conditions. Once you have opened the paint, the shelf life may be shorter. Even though the shelf life of the paint you intend to use may have expired, that does not automatically mean that you should discard it. If the paint appears to mix properly and does not show signs of clumping, separation, or anything else unusual, you should still be able to use it.

12 reviews for White ColorFix Paint – 4oz

    Stacey White
    December 9, 2022
    This stuff is absolutely amazing! I make sure I buy another bottle when I’m using my last bottle.
    Tamara Lynn Vanpelt
    December 6, 2022
    Love it!💕💕
    Tamara Lynn Vanpelt
    December 6, 2022
    Haven't used yet. But supper excited 😊
    White ColorFix Paint - 4oz photo review
    August 17, 2022
    This has saved me from spray painting outside just to catch gnats in my paint. It dries quickly too. It does separate sitting, but a quick shake and it’s mixed again. I’m so happy I purchased this. Now I need more colors!
    Kayla Daniels
    April 9, 2022
    I love this stuff!!! I will definitely be buy a whole lot more of it!!
    Beth Elliott
    April 8, 2022
    I hate spray painting l, and weather has been so iffy lately. My issue with other paints is it looks streaky, when it looks nice you have to wait before you can put an adhesive on for a base glitter. But not woth this it's pretty opaque and glitter sticks when it's wet. Cutting out steps without breaking the bank!!
    Frankie Chamberlin
    April 3, 2022
    I l9ve the colorflex paint it is so easy to work with I would recommend it to anyone
    Sheila Gerkens
    March 1, 2022
    I have used several types of paint to be base coat during cold weather when I can't spray paint and they all are like acrylic paint(they suck). Let me tell ya this stuff is awesome. It's perfect to base coat my cups and now I need other colors as well. Two thin layers and it still feels like I spray painted. Thank you for this product
    Christine Bounds
    March 1, 2022
    Absolutely amazing!!! I’m so hooked! I will definitely be buying more
    Jessica Parrish
    February 25, 2022
    Game changer for sure!!
    Traci warner
    February 23, 2022
    Works awesome. I don’t have to go outside and spray paint my cups and have to wait until it dries
    White ColorFix Paint - 4oz photo review
    Sasha Schnee
    February 12, 2022
    I absolutely love this! As someone who is horrible at spray painting this saves not only the mess but the time! It has awesome coverage, dries nicely and you can even apply your glitter right away!
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