Luxe Signature Ice Castle Collection


The Luxe Signature Ice Castle Collection Value Set gets you all 30 full size beautiful products in this collection! You will receive 8 full size custom mix glitters, 12 full size glitters in Small, Medium and Chunky Mixes, 3 full size glitter flakes, and 7 Mica Powders! This complete set is valued at over $330!

Set Contains:
-Custom Mixes:
2 oz Crystal Waters
2 oz Iced Ruby
2 oz Frigid

2oz Palace

2oz Flurries

2oz Cascade

2oz Prism
2 oz Chill


Glitter Flakes:

20 g Ice

20 g Fire

20 g Snow Queen


Small, Medium and Chunky Mixes in:
2 oz Sleet
2 oz Glaze
2 oz Glacier
2 oz Enchanted

Mica Powders:
20 g Jade
20 g Sapphire
20 g Rose Quartz
20 g Diamond Dust
20 g Tanzanite
20 g Amythest

20 g Black Ice

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Luxe Signature Ice Castle Collection $295.95

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