Luxe Signature Tropical Rainforest Collection


The Luxe Signature Tropical Rainforest Collection Value Set gets you all 16 beautiful colors of glitter in this collection, as well as all 7 mica powders! You will receive 5 full size custom mixes, as well as 11 full size colors in the Small, Medium  and Chunky Mix size. And 7 full size Mca Powders! This set is valued at $470!

Set Contains:
-Custom Mixes:
2 oz Tiki
2 oz Love Birds
2 oz Fern
2 oz Water Lily
2 oz Amazon Jewel

Small, Medium and Chunky Mix in:
2 oz Orchid
2 oz Anaconda
2 oz Passion Flower
2 oz Birds of Paradise

2 0z Lobster Claw

2 oz Juicy Guava

2 oz Exotic Mango

2 oz Canopy

2 oz Jungle Sun

2 oz Banana Palm

2 oz Brazilian Bronze

Mica Powders in:

20 g Coconut

20 g Soursop

20 g Starfruit

20 g Papaya

20 g Mangosteen

20 g Dragon Fruit

20 g Lychee

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Luxe Signature Tropical Rainforest Collection $395.95

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