Artistry Countertop Epoxy

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  • 1:1 Formula
  • Thick Viscosity
  • Meets FDA standards for food safety
  • Excellent UV Protection
  • Zero VOC
  • Super Durable
  • Heat Resistant up to 500 degrees
Artistry Countertop Epoxy From: $26.16

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Artistry Countertop Epoxy

Artistry Countertop Epoxy can take your old, outdated counters and bring them to life! You can achieve any style, color, or design with Artistry epoxy at a price point that is a fraction of the cost of real stone. This 1:1 formula is self-leveling and is a thicker viscosity to hold your artwork in place. We suggest doing a color coat with your design and artwork, and a clear flood coat on top, but Artistry Countertop is thick enough that you can get away with just 1 layer! This high-gloss formula also has built in UV protection to keep your whites white and keep discoloration low over time. Use on Bartops, tabletops and clear coats/flood coats, and more. Get creative and make the countertops you’ve been dreaming of a reality with Artistry Countertop Epoxy!


Artistry Countertop is a 1:1 ratio, equal parts A and B.
Artistry Countertop Epoxy can withstand heat up to 500 Degrees F, meaning an object that is 500 degrees will not melt/damage epoxy if it was mixed and cured properly.
When mixed and cured properly, Artistry Countertop meets FDA standards for food safety.
Artistry Countertop has low to no smell, especially when compared to other epoxies.
Artistry Countertop is dry to the touch and ready for a second coat in 6 to 8 hours, and fully cured after 30 days.
Artistry Countertop is a thicker viscosity formula specifically designed this way to hold color for longer and create a thick layer resulting in fewer total layers needed.
Artistry Countertop is on the thicker side, which can be tricky with bubbles, but as long as your epoxy is kept at 70 to 75 degrees or heated before mixing its easy to pop any remaining bubbles with a torch after its laid out.
Artistry Countertop is a no VOC formula.
Artistry Countertop is a no VOC formula, but like with any epoxy, you should use gloves, masks, safety glasses, and clothing that covers any exposed skin. Also, use in a well-ventilated area and research before using epoxy on all risks associated with epoxy use.
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Viscosity: Thick
Odor: Low
Gloss: High
UV resistance: Excellent
Second Layer: 6-8 Hours
Touch: 12-14 Hours
Sandable: 24-72 Hours
Working Time: 40-45 min


1 review for Artistry Countertop Epoxy

    Janell M. Marcum
    April 15, 2023
    Haven't tried yet. But I'm sure it's just as good as all the others.
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