Artistry Tumbler / Art Epoxy – UV +Plus


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  • 1:1 Formula
  • Super Durable
  • Extra UV Protection
  • Glassy Reflective Shine
  • Meets FDA standards for food safety
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Artistry Tumbler Epoxy - UV+

Artistry Art Epoxy has quickly become a fan favorite in the epoxy art and tumbler world, and is the same formula you DIYers have come to know and love! From the glass-like shine to the crystal clear results, this formula is everything you never knew you needed! The UV +Plus has extra UV inhibitors to keep your epoxy-looking clear for even longer! It cures silky smooth and will self level and lay flat without a fuss. Artistry Tumbler/Art Epoxy is stunning on tumblers and since its a thick viscosity, less layers are needed on a tumbler, and will hold color in place longer when doing artwork on larger pieces.  This formula loves the heat, heating the resin before mixing helps give a beautiful, bubble-free reflective result! Let Artistry Epoxy spark your creativity and inspire the artist within!


Artistry Art can be used to make tumblers, the cup should be stainless steel, prep cup by sanding and prime with spray paint. Use a cup turner to keep epoxy level on the cup as it cures. Three to five layers of epoxy are standard for tumblers.
Artistry Art is a 1:1 ratio, equal parts A and B.
Artistry Art Epoxy can withstand heat up to 500 Degrees F, meaning an object that is 500 degrees will not melt/damage epoxy if it was mixed and cured properly.
When mixed and cured properly, Artistry Art meets FDA standards for food safety.
Artistry Art has low to no smell, especially when compared to other epoxies.
Artistry Art is dry to the touch and ready for a second coat in 6 to 8 hours, and fully cured after 30 days.
Artistry Art is a thicker viscosity formula specifically designed this way to hold color for longer and create a thick layer resulting in fewer total layers needed.
Artistry Art is on the thicker side, which can be tricky with bubbles, but as long as your epoxy is kept at 70 to 75 degrees or heated before mixing its easy to pop any remaining bubbles with a torch after its laid out.
Artistry Art is a no VOC formula.
Artistry Countertop is a no VOC formula, but like with any epoxy, you should use gloves, masks, safety glasses, and clothing that covers any exposed skin. Also, use in a well-ventilated area and research before using epoxy on all risks associated with epoxy use.
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Viscosity: Thick
Odor: Low
Gloss: High
UV resistance: Excellent
Second Layer: 6-8 Hours
Touch: 12-14 Hours
Sandable: 24-72 Hours
Working Time: 40-45 min
Uses: Art / Tumbler / Geode / Abstract / Topcoats


24 reviews for Artistry Tumbler / Art Epoxy – UV +Plus

    August 27, 2023
    Dave epoxy hands down!!! ❤️
    Artistry Tumbler / Art Epoxy - UV +Plus photo review
    Candy Garska
    April 9, 2023
    I love this epoxy. I have used a lot of different epoxy in the last 4 years and every one broke me out in a rash. This is the only one I have found that dose not. This is the only epoxy I will ever use from now on.
    Renee’ Arnold
    November 13, 2022
    I love Artistry Epoxy! No smell No bubbles and NO ALLERGIC REACTIONS! A perfect finish every time!
    Melissa L Howell
    September 12, 2022
    I absolutely love this epoxy, I have tried so many and this one works for me!!
    Tanya Hogue
    September 9, 2022
    I sure fast set, and absolutely love it. This is the only epoxy I will use bc of the great results I have gotten. Highly recommend this product
    Diana M Crane
    August 23, 2022
    Artistry Epoxy is number one in my crafting shine and use. If you have not tried you don't know what your missing out on...Get cha some!!! My daughter had traveled 80 miles round trip to buy epoxy for a walnut coffee table. Of course she didn't have enough to finish, she came got my bottle 16 oz. A & B I told her she needed to return unused portions. Her coffee table turned out beautiful with a shine that's divine.
    Joann Thomas
    July 1, 2022
    I have watched a few videos of people using Artistry epoxy and figured I'd give it a try. I only bought the 32oz and now wish I got the gallon. It is amazing to work with and really little bubbles. You don't even have to mix for a long time!!! I want to try the fast set next time and will have to save up to get the gallon size. It is worth it!!!! You will love also.
    Jenifer L
    June 18, 2022
    I've just started my tumbler and resin work, using whatever epoxy I could find. I have figured out the basics and wanted a higher quality product - this is it!! Turned out the best I've ever done. Clear, shiny, and no dimples. Dried quickly, no or very low smell, little mess / dripping. Thick smooth pour. Easy 1:1 ratio mix. Came fast and packed well. I was worried with how our delivery guy throws packages, but the bottles were in a ziplock and packaged well.
    Cathy Dikman
    May 16, 2022
    I love Artistry epoxy - have tried several different ones - for Michigan this is a great choice. Good service when ordering..
    Clare Baldwin 62
    May 16, 2022
    It is the best epoxy I have tried! No need for any others!..☺️
    May 8, 2022
    This is by far my favorite epoxy!No smell,easy to apply and my tumblers look beautiful!
    Crystal Lira
    April 17, 2022
    I love your epoxy and no smell
    April 1, 2022
    I have used a different brand of epoxy for the last 2 years and finally had enough after having to sand the same cups 5 times do to air bubbles constantly coming up that neither a heat gun or propane flame would stop. So I read some reviews on Facebook Group Pages and Artistry Epoxies was mentioned a lot so I figured "can't be any worse". I bought a 16oz kit to try out and I'm very happy with this brand. Smooth glass finish without any bubbles. I'm going to be ordering a 2 gallon kit this week. Highly recommend this to everyone.
    March 25, 2022
    I have only used 2 different types of epoxy. because I've only been doing cups for a year now .I will never change to any other kind because I am highly allergic to high fumes and this epoxy does not put out any type of older I love the outcome that it has.. it is always easy to work with and I want to thank you for always A fast delivery when I need it..sue
    March 21, 2022
    Just awesome. I’m new at working with epoxy on tumblers. Everyone I’ve made came out perfect. This will be my only tumbler epoxy. I’m happy with just 2 coats of fast set when adding tattoos. This was a blessing
    Artistry Tumbler / Art Epoxy - UV +Plus photo review
    January 15, 2022
    Love love this epoxy. The glass finish is amazeballs!
    Amanda Woronowski
    January 3, 2022
    I can't believe I waited so long to try this epoxy. No smell, no breakouts , shine like no other. Little to no bubbles and what bubbles are there easily pops with heat gun. Won't use any other epoxy.
    Charlene Cumber
    November 29, 2021
    I have tried a few different epoxy brands and this one tops all. I will be a returning customer.
    Angela K Culberson
    November 22, 2021
    I absolutely love this epoxy!! Thank you Just stick It for turning me on to them. Will never use another epoxy.
    Sheila Griffin
    November 20, 2021
    Love this epoxy!! And love the “no smell”!!!
    November 14, 2021
    I've tried a few different resins and this one is the best by far. I love the finished look. And the price is reasonable also.
    October 16, 2021
    I love this resin! I have had zero issues hardly any bubbles if any and with little heat. I work in the basement of my home in central Utah and the weather is up and down and now getting cold and this epoxy cures so evenly and has such a gloss finish never looking back!
    Lori S Hill
    September 13, 2021
    I've tried a few resins and I totally in love with this one glass finish, very little bubbles.
    Carla Reynolds
    September 5, 2021
    Awesome coverage!! With awesome shine! Priced very reasonable. Excellent customer service.
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