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Grab a Spot Raffle Winner ($400 value)

Announced: 10th May 2023

Kimberly Hudson

Grab a Spot Raffle Winners

#1 grab a spot winner (22 nov) = Nicole Harrington

#2 grab a spot winner (23 nov) = Melissa Sparks

#3 grab a spot winner (24 nov) = Jacqueline Garcia

#4 grab a spot winner (25 nov) = Debra Sullivan

#5 grab a spot winner (26 nov) = Jennifer Hoprich

#6 grab a spot winner (27 nov) = Cynthia Banks

#7 grab a spot winner (28 nov) = Monique Wert

Epoxy Contest

$1000 Winner

Just stick it

1st position in all categories

Submission 1056171

71FF0607 3B87 43BA A7DF 239C67BD9DF9

Cami Ewalt

2nd Position (Tumblers) – $150


Danielle Myers

3rd Position (Tumblers) – $150

20E9A123 B997 41F6 A67A F0B7599F700C

Karon Chanski

1st Position (Art) – $500


Hannah Dutton

1st Position (Woodworking) – $500

C50D6A1C C151 405B 85E5 89F47635F145

Ben Smith

1st Position (Countertops) – $500

C4A160A5 0819 4DD6 9C38 B684C100CE36

Top 5 judges choice (150$ Winners )


09D5FBBE 4F9F 4C92 93BE 608BF8E870C6

Brittany Langowski

BB3F2D8C 0247 4AC8 94D8 31A42C271187

Denise Wheeler

85C23EAE A142 4B20 B90B E65225246BAA


391123B0 A4D4 4FAC 8E10 850F65100ADD

Kaitlyn Ramos

C077F65D 19B4 4622 9272 DFA37D468ADC

Top Customers - Total Spend ($50 Winners)

Elizabeth Anderson

Marcey Atamian

Rachael Hunt 

Robin Herald

Christi Goldsberry

Chelsea Alles

Melissa Sparks

Maria Rodriguez

Amy Goudy

Tonya Givens

Ella Tippit

Deborah Hampton 

Leatha Savage

Mindy Snell 

Orelia Rozycki 

Karen Copeland 

Wendy Hammonds

Tara Wilmot 

Amanda Woronowski

Abby Ronco-Hopkins

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Winner 1 : dbarnes2507

Winner 2 : effinpita

The Papas Promos Giveaway

Winner 1 : buckyandtux

Winner 2 : lee4jc7

The CamiPaige Boutique Giveaway

Winner : cleanhealthyyou

Dam Fancy / Drunk Flamingo Giveaway

Winner : mrsjbowers

Alottle Tumbler's Giveaway

Winner : michelle.smith584

Brittany Barnes Boutique Giveaway

Winner : kristyvia4

Just Stick It Giveaway

Winner : amanac

Steel Magnolia Giveaway

Winner : martinvinyls

Krafty Kow Giveaway

Winner : Linz2317

Martin Vinyls Giveaway

Winner : murraya683

Bear Mountain Designs Giveaway

Winner : trishaa11234

Dr. Resin Giveaway

Winner : bellmag6921

The Queen Bling Co. Giveaway


Black Daisy Design Giveaway

Winner : goverod4

Glitter Me That Giveaway

Winner : amyhurology

Misfit Makers Membership Giveaway

Winner 1 : brittnileigh91

Winner 2 : missmemekay